Information on the Summary endpoint and its data.
Route for "core" information associated with a given material in the Materials Project database. The unique identifier for a material is its material_id (e.g. mp-149). Core data in this context refers to the crystal structure, information associated with it such as the density and chemical formula, and the associated calculations which are identified with unique task_id values. It does not contain any materials properties such as the formation energy or band gap, please consult summary or other property-specific endpoints for this information. See the MaterialsDoc schema for a full list of fields returned by this route.
MPDataEntry objects containing MaterialsDoc data will be returned from method.


  • builder_meta (EmmetMeta): Builder metadata
  • nsites (integer): Total number of sites in the structure
  • elements (list): List of elements in the material
  • nelements (integer): None
  • composition (dictionary): Full composition for the material
  • composition_reduced (dictionary): Simplified representation of the composition
  • formula_pretty (string): Cleaned representation of the formula
  • formula_anonymous (string): Anonymized representation of the formula
  • chemsys (string): dash-delimited string of elements in the material
  • volume (float): Total volume for this structure in ų
  • density (float): Density in grams per cm³
  • density_atomic (float): The atomic packing density in atoms per cm³
  • symmetry (SymmetryData): Symmetry data for this material
  • material_id (string): The ID of this material, used as a universal reference across proeprty documents.This comes in the form and MPID or int
  • structure (dictionary): The best structure for this material
  • deprecated (boolean): Whether this materials document is deprecated.
  • deprecation_reasons (list): List of deprecation tags detailing why this materials document isn't valid
  • initial_structures (list): Initial structures used in the DFT optimizations corresponding to this material
  • task_ids (list): List of Calculations IDs used to make this Materials Document
  • deprecated_tasks (list): None
  • calc_types (dictionary): Calculation types for all the calculations that make up this material
  • last_updated (string): Timestamp for when this document was last updated
  • created_at (string): Timestamp for when this material document was first created
  • origins (list): Dictionary for tracking the provenance of properties
  • warnings (list): Any warnings related to this material
Alternatively, the query parameters defined below can be used with direct HTTP requests, or as input parameters to the MPRester.materials._search method. The same parameter information can also be found here.
Get a MaterialsDoc document by by material_id
Get MaterialsDoc documents