In this section, we present several ways to navigate through the Battery Explorer.

The Battery Explorer app allows users to filter candidate battery materials using chemical formula/composition, as well as properties such as maximum volume change, average voltage, capacity, stability etc.

In each individual page for a battery material, the user can find information regarding the material such as calculated properties, voltage curve, oxygen evolution graph and a visulization of the host material.

2. Search the chemical formula of interest

3. Choose the filter of choice under the "Composition" Tab on the left

4. Select the working ion of choice

5. One can delete filters by clicking "x" next to the filter

6. Try a different type of filtering requirement - chemical system

7. Under Battery Properties tab on the left, choose filter of choice

8. Filter by average voltage

9. Filter by stability of the discharged state

10. Change the x-axis for the voltage curve

12. Visualization of the host material

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