2. Click on Apps

3. Click on Synthesis Explorer

4. Go to Search synthesis recipes

5. Type Target Formula or Keywords. We chose Li4Ti5O12.

7. There are 194 recipes for our search. We can narrow this down with Filters.

8. Go to Filters

9. Click on Materials and Keywords

10. We can add Precursor Material Formula and/or Keywords. We add TiO2 as a Precursor Material Formula.

11. Now there are 160 synthesis recipes. We can filter further with Synthesis Procedures.

12. Click on Synthesis Procedures

13. In Synthesis Procedures, we can choose various filters, such as Synthesis Type. Here, we chose Solid State Synthesis.

14. We can also change variables like Heating Temperature and Heating Time.

15. Applying these filters brings our search down to 107 synthesis recipes. We can look through these or continue to apply filters as desired.

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