Getting Involved

How to contribute to the Materials Project.
The Materials Project would not be the resource it is today without the sustained efforts of many individual contributors who have helped make the Materials Project better. The Materials Project is a free, academic resource, with only a small team of core maintainers: any help received is always appreciated, and means we can make the Materials Project better for everyone!
There are several ways to get involved:
  • If you are a software developer, you can join us on GitHub at Improvements ("pull requests") and bug reports are welcome.
  • If you are a domain expert, you can join the discussion and help answer questions of less experienced users in our forum at
  • If you are a domain expert, you can also notify us of errors, either in our public forum or via email at [email protected]. Please check our FAQ first to ensure that this error is not already known; some common issues arise from a misunderstanding of the data that Materials Project offers.
  • If you generate data, either experimental or computational, you can use our contribution platform MPContribs to upload and link your data to the relevant material on Materials Project. This helps us by being able to offer a more complete and helpful resource, and also helps improve the discoverability of your own research by making it available to a wider audience. All uploaded data is credited to the original authors, and will have links to the appropriate publications.
  • If you are an advanced user of Materials Project data or codes, you can help us improve documentation and tutorials.
  • If you have discovered or know about a new crystal structure that is not present in the Materials Project database, you can submit it to us for calculation to help us offer a more complete database. If you are an advanced user, we may be able to receive calculations directly, but this typically requires prior communication and planning.
Any help is gratefully received, and we work hard to try to give back to the community ourselves wherever possible!