Community Resources

Links to Materials Project (MP) Community Resources and information about the MP Workshop.

Upcoming MP Workshops

The Materials Project organizes workshops where you can register to learn about data, various tools, and code infrastructure used to power the Materials Project. MP Workshops are designed for all user levels, including scientists with limited prior coding experience. The workshop is held over two days to provide an interactive experience where attendees are encouraged to follow along live coding demonstrations with workshop helpers available for individualized support and troubleshooting. There is also an optional one-day primer for those new to python programming or using MongoDB databases.
These workshops are normally held once a year in August with registration opening in the spring. The latest announcements regarding the MP Workshop is posted to the MP Forum on Unfortunately there will not be a MP Workshop in 2022 due to the Materials Project Triennial Review.

Past MP Workshop Materials

To increase open access for the scientific the community, recordings and materials from the Materials Project Workshops are released publicly.