Basic search for a material in the MP database

2. Type the search criteria such as the composition, chemical formula or mp-id in the search box or click the elements from the periodic table below the search box

3. Use the filters in the left to filter the search results

5. Click on Columns to select what properties to show for the search results

6. Click on the mp-id to go to the material page

7. Use the right tool bar on the to change the visualization settings and export the structure file

8. To download the structure, click "Export as"

9. A summary of material properties is shown in the right

10. An auto-generated description of the material from generated using Robocrystallographer (https://github.com/hackingmaterials/robocrystallographer)

11. Click on Crystal Structure to look at the basic structure information

12. Click on Properties to look at the materials properties

See the Methodology section for how these properties were calculated

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