Potential Collaborators

The Materials Project welcomes collaborations and strives to maintain an environment where people are encouraged to share their findings as well as their analysis methods.
If you are interested in collaborating with others or are seeking ways to actively contribute:
  • Join the weekly infrastructure update Zoom call and listen to decisions being made to improve the Materials Project or bring up a specific item to discuss. To request to attend, email us with the subject line "Request to Join MP Update Call" and a brief introduction as well as the specific item you would like to discuss. Depending on the topic proposed, it might be referred for discussion on the Materials Project forum instead.
  • Materials Project hosts annual meetings for discussions among Materials Project Principal Investigators, their research groups, and the infrastructure team. If you have a suggestion for an item to be discussed in this context, please also send us an email. If you are a new member of the Materials Project collaboration, reach out to us so that you can get involved in these meetings directly.
  • Reach out to people who are heavily involved in the Materials Project, especially if you are already contributing to code on GitHub (for example, pymatgen) and would like to get in work with people who maintain/review these repositories. You can read more about their involvement, field of expertise, current projects and see if their goals align with yours to propose areas of collaboration.