Legacy API Users

Additional notes relevant to users of the legacy Materials Project API.
Legacy API users will be used to querying data largely through the top level query method of the old MPRester. Additionally, MongoDB-like query syntax (e.g. {"elements": {"$in": ["Si", "O"]}}) was required as input, with parameters defined in the mapidoc GitHub repository. This is no longer available in the new API and MPRester client.
The major API changes are summarized below:
  • The MPRester client can now be found in the mp-api Python package.
  • The query method is replaced by the search method of the summary endpoint (i.e. MPRester.summary.search).
  • Query parameters are defined in the client as inputs to the search function.
It should be noted that most of the other top level convenience function in the MPRester are still available (e.g. get_bandstructure_by_material_id, get_entries_in_chemsys).
See the Getting Started section for details on how to start using the new MPRester client.